What defines our services ?
Colman Finance. Finance software company based in Paris.

What defines our services ?


We do not have any client-supplier relationship. We seek to be your partners by being involved first in all the phases of any project (of course) and also after, in order to help you take the best from our solutions on the long term.


Finance is complex and we wouldn’t be of any added value if we make it more complex. Our solutions aim to make you focus only in your business. That is why our solutions are designed to make your life easier.


We are not only professionals. Being professional is the least you expect from your partner in business. What qualifies us in addition to professionalism is talent.
We are passionate about what we do and we continuously seek to go the extra mile in helping you.


Do you set challenging goals or want to be leader in your industry ? Excellent ! So does we and we want to make it with you.


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