Our technology ?
Colman Finance. Finance software company based in Paris.

Our technology ?

Colman Finance

Colman Finance

Grid Computing

Our tailored grid computing framework provides all the required tools to perform complex pricing operations in a drastically reduced time by optimizing your resources utilization and avoiding further investments. Waiting for hours trying to get a VaR on your consolidated portfolios, will be an old souvenir.

Innovative Finance Products Modeling

Colman was designed to adapt to your business. Not the opposite. Its flexibility allows it to model any financial product on any asset class by the end user. Adding new greeks or custom fields has never been much easier.

Smart Monte Carlo Engine

Pricing exotic products requires advanced simulation techniques. Our smart Monte Carlo engine takes the accuracy to the next level by using strong variance reduction techniques and memory principles to reduce the number of simulations required for pricing.


Did you ever spent hours trying to understand why your pricing or VaR is null ? With Colman, every product definition is simplified to immediately spot misconfiguration problems, and correct them with few clicks.


Do you have a finance degree ? You don’t need to get another one to learn Colman.
We believe that providing a solution with rich documentation and trainings is great. Providing an intuitive solution in addition to that, is best. Colman is a straight-to-the-point solution.


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